Mask Detector

This takes us back to the covid times. Here are a few pictures from some of our devices when covid was at its peak less than 2 years ago. Without vaccinations and proper information about the virus, our best defence against covid and fear of covid was prevention. Masks came in handy – not only that they helped curb the spread of covid but also common cold and flu etc.

We are finally, and thankfully, moving away from mask mandates in general. Some places like medical facilities or food handling facilities still require masks and with a good reason – and we have the solutions to efficiently implement such requirements.

The technology that goes behind this mechanism is computer vision, an interdisciplinary scientific field that deals with how computers can be made to gain a high-level understanding of digital images or videos. Through computer vision, computers can understand, recognize and make meaning out of any image as they are instructed according to our liking. However, the precondition for this is that they need to be trained with similar images and certain instructions. In this way, by training such AI models, we can make computers realize patterns, shapes etc in images through which they can recognize those images. Similarly, for the mask detector, we trained our mask detector model with thousands of pictures with people wearing masks and no mask that we collected from different places where our prototypes were installed beforehand. We also gave fixed instructions to help it understand whether people were wearing masks or no mask in all of those training images by annotating each of the images. In this way, by training an AI model with a large dataset of images, we have developed our mask detector model that has a high accuracy rate.

All the hardware was designed and assembled in Toronto and Brampton. Proudly Made In Canada with ❤.


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